The Easiest Way To Keep Your Floors Dry

What Is The Simplest Technique To Maintain Dry Floors? Mats For The Entrance

We've all had rainy days with muddy or wet flooring, whether we're in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere. Naturally, having dirty floors hurts the reputation of your business. But because it presents risks for slips and falls, it can also be highly deadly. But don't worry! Entrance matting is a simple fix for the problem.

Does a building really need entrance matting?

No. Not if you enjoy sprinkling dirt all over your structure. With all due humour, we would definitely advise installing entrance matting. The most significant advantages of entrance matting are described below.

1 A cleaner building

This one may seem pretty apparent, but did you know how much dirt individuals can bring inside with them without even realizing it? One thousand persons can transport 11 kg of dirt on average in just 20 days! Ultimately, this filth finds its way onto a number of surfaces, all of which will need to be cleaned thoroughly. All of this dirt might have stayed just at the entry with adequate entrance matting.

2 Better indoor quality

Once inside your building, some dirt will probably become particle matter and enter the atmosphere (PM). Some airborne particles can penetrate the human respiratory system despite being invisible to the unaided eye. Due to their small size, PM2.5 and PM10 (particles having a diameter of 2.5 and 10 micrometres or less, respectively) can penetrate the lungs and potentially result in respiratory problems. The IAQ is expected to be higher the more dust that can be kept out of a facility.

3 It’s cheaper

The more dirt there is in a structure, the more expensive cleaning will be. A polished floor, like one made of granite or terrazzo, will eventually lose its shine if dirt is tracked upon it. As a result, it needs to be restored either through grinding and restoration or stripping and sealing (neither of which are cheap). A dirty carpet calls for more frequent cleaning. Better vacuum technology, such as an upright or "beater brush" vacuum heads, can prolong this, but they are also not very inexpensive. What about the dirt and dust that accumulates on the building's other fixtures and surfaces? You can see what we mean by looking at an air conditioning vent that hasn't been cleaned in a while. You should clean thoroughly as soon as possible.

4 Reduced risk of slips and falls

Almost all hard floors become more slick when they are wet. Beautiful high gloss flooring surfaces are frequently found at the entrances of commercial buildings, but these surfaces can be dangerous when wet because of their poor slip ratings. The fibres of a high-quality entrance mat will be highly absorbent, pulling large amounts of water away from the surface and spreading it.

5 An improved image

First impressions are crucial in life, as they are in everything. Simply simply, a commercial building that has a properly sized, high-quality entry doormat makes a favourable first impression on customers. Entrances without matting rapidly become filthy and leave a bad image. While cleaning practices are taking place, a strategically positioned matt collects and conceals dirt, keeping the area looking clean.