The Price of Workplace Slip and Fall Injuries

The Price of Workplace Slip and Fall Injuries

It can be challenging to assess a workplace's safety, but if you are doing everything you can to safeguard your staff with the necessary tools and training, there may not be a problem with frequent employee injuries at your company. It may be one piece of flooring that gets especially slick on a wet, rainy day, which if disregarded can soon endanger worker safety. The business is responsible for routinely evaluating its workplace to ensure that it is secure for both the everyday users—the staff who work there—and the customers that come in.

Every workplace need to have a safety officer who is in charge of assessing possible hazards there as well as investigating incidents to determine whether there are any preventative measures that can be taken. The number of slip/fall injuries can be significantly decreased by using the right mats in the right places at work. Several mats that might decrease workplace injuries include:

Entrance Mats: By soaking up water, snow, and grit dragged inside the facility, entry mats at each entrance to your place of business will dramatically increase the safety of your clients and staff.

Heated Walkway Mats: Reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning your walkway throughout the winter. These mats have a heating element placed between two non-slip rubber protecting surfaces. Additionally, they are made to withstand the rigors of a hard Canadian winter and are as tough and durable as car tires.

Anti-Fatigue Mats: Anti-fatigue mats are intended to lessen the wear and tear on the body from prolonged standing on hard surfaces. These anti-fatigue mats are one of the choices to relieve foot discomfort, according to the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety. Supreme Business Mats are regarded as "The Absolute Best" in commercial anti-fatigue mats when it comes to anti-fatigue mats. These Mats have undergone extensive testing for more than ten years in the most demanding business environments, including hospitals, hotels, airports, and more. Also Their guaranteed never-to-roll-up 20-degree ADA-compliant beveled edge minimizes trips.