The Superior Choice for Doormats: Vinyl Coir Coco Mats

Vinyl Coir Coco Mats are quickly becoming famous for homeowners and businesses. These mats provide many advantages, making them an excellent choice for a durable, stylish, and practical doormat.

Excellent Dirt Trapping and the Highest Rate of Water Absorption

First and foremost, vinyl coir coco mats are incredibly effective at scraping away debris from the bottom of shoes. The coco fiber used in these mats has some of the highest absorption rates of any naturally sourced fiber, meaning it is excellent at trapping dirt, mud, and other debris. The ultra-thin and modern version of our coco doormats is made by embedding eco-friendly coco fibers into a PVC vinyl backing, and the threads are sheared at a 5/8” thick height; this creates an even and attractive surface level that is highly effective at scraping away dirt and debris from the bottom of shoes.


Durable and Hygienic

In addition to their effectiveness at cleaning shoes, vinyl backing coir coco mats are also highly resistant to rot, mildew, and stains because they are specially formulated with a color dye that goes deep into the coir fibers, ensuring they will remain fade-resistant and long-lasting. This makes them an excellent choice in high-traffic areas where they will be exposed to a lot of wear and tear.


Easy to Clean and Maintain

Maintenance of vinyl coir coco mats are also incredibly easy. They are eco-friendly and sustainably made and can be cleaned with a vacuum or simply by shaking off any dirt or debris. In addition, the vinyl backing provides added skid resistance and prevents water from leaking through to the bottom, ensuring that your floors remain clean and dry.


Many Varieties to Choose

Coco Mats vinyl coir mats cater to different types and designs: Commercial Coir Mats, Personalized Coco Mats, Plain Coco Mats, Designer Coco Mats and, Trending Coco Mats. All these doormats have vinyl backing, which makes it more tough, functional, and stylish.

Overall, Vinyl Coir Coco Mats are an excellent choice for a durable, practical, and stylish doormat. Whether you are a homeowner or have an active commercial-owned business that needs entrance mats, Coco Vinyl Coir Mats are the best for you!