The Top Anti-Fatigue Mats for Restaurants

Working in a restaurant, whether as a chef, a line cook, a waiter, or another staff member, is physically demanding. Long periods of standing can result in knee and back pain, excessive weariness, and general discomfort, leaving you exhausted and emotionally drained. That's why anti-fatigue mats in restaurants are so useful.

Restaurant mats designed to reduce fatigue and pain can make your restaurant a safer and more comfortable location for your employees, but selecting the appropriate mats is critical. Wet places and oil abound in kitchens, making your standard anti fatigue mat sticky and unsafe. Commercial kitchen mats are made to endure these circumstances and are strong enough to survive the high volume of traffic they'll encounter.

Are you looking for new restaurant mats to make your workplace more secure and comfortable for your employees?

Cm Viper Drain Through Mats

Wet, greasy, and fine-debris conditions are no match for the CM Viper drain through matting. Extremely durable in high-traffic areas and minimizes the danger of workplace falls greatly. These mats are soft, long-lasting, slip-resistant, and mould and mildew-resistant.

Natural, recycled, and nitrile rubber are used to make CM Viper Drain Through Mats. These mats are slip-resistant and feature small holes for scraping dirt and allowing water to drain, making them ideal for use in high-traffic commercial kitchens.

CM Viper Drain Through Mats are made entirely of rubber and are exceptionally robust, sturdy, and slip resistant, as well as mould and mildew resistant. Small holes in the perforated texture scrape dirt, filth, and moisture away. These pores also allow water and other liquids to drain through the matting, keeping the mats clean and dry on the surface. Overall, the safety characteristics of these mats can greatly lower the chance of falls and other workplace mishaps.

Choose this mat for:

  •  Kitchens
  •  Cooklines
  •  Bars
  •  Prep areas
  •  Waitress stations
  •  Assembly lines
  •  Behind counters

Stand Easy Premier Matting

Stand Easy's premium matting offers exceptional grease resistance and long-term comfort. This matting is ideal for heavy-duty anti-fatigue, better safety, and oil and grease resistance in industrial applications. This carpet retains its suppleness even at low temperatures.

The robust nitrile rubber used in Stand Easy Premier Matting is resistant to salts, oils, and water. It comes with a solid top or an open top that allows liquids to drain through. This matting is suited for use in commercial and industrial settings.

Use this mat for:

  • Production lines
  •  Kitchens
  •  Standing service areas
  •  Bakeries

Niru Cushion-Ease GSII

Designed with 100% Nitrile rubber, this mat offers the highest degree of resistance to caustic chemicals, cutting fluids, and oils. The Silicon Carbide surface and effective draining system provides long-lasting traction and underfoot comfort.

The Fire Retardant Niru® Cushion-Ease® 650SFR is a high performance interlocking anti-fatigue matting system made with a resilient rubber compound with a drainage top anti-slip surface texture and a multi-nib backing for comfort and ergonomic support of the mat. Made of 100% nitrile rubber compound that provides the highest resistance to chemicals, cutting fluids, animal fats, oils and greases.

Fire Retardant rubber is chemically treated to be slow burning or self-extinguishing when exposed to an open flame. Niru® Cushion-Ease® FR mold has been engineered to produce a mat that is functional, comfortable and durable. Large holes provide excellent drainage and aeration leaving a dry, clean work area. All Cushion-Ease® series mats have a male/female interlocking system for individual workstations, long runs, unique configurations and wall-to-wall floors.

Choosing the Right Restaurant Anti Fatigue Mats

With our wide assortment of anti fatigue mats, we're confident that you'll find the mat that's perfect for your restaurant. If you have questions, please call our customer service team. We're always happy to help you find the product that's just right for your needs.