Tumbling Mats Are Essential For A Gymnast

Gymnastics that actually takes your breath away is known as tumbling. It's all about combining somersaults, flips, and twists together in quick succession to produce something absolutely amazing. No of your age, if you already enjoy somersaults and cartwheels, you'll find tumbling to be quite simple to pick up. You'll begin by becoming familiar with the sensation of doing easy routines on a sprung runway. Then, as your skill and confidence improve, you'll discover how to execute incredible flip and twist sequences.There are competitions for every age group, from children to adults, if you enjoy competing. Of course, you are free to tumble for amusement. But even falling has a negative side, as is true for everything in life.

There are many dangers that are involved as you make your way through tumbling. Tumbling revolves around the body and the danger of impact on your body is quite high. Many of the gymnasts regularly get cuts and bruises from falls. Not to mention, the injuries sustained if you land wrong after a flip or a somersault! However there is a product that is a blessing for all you budding or professional gymnasts that will save you from high impact injuries. These are mats that are cushioned and designed specifically to protect performers from difficult and unnecessary injuries. What are these mats? These are specially designed Tumbling Mats. These mats are special and a necessity to a gymnast as they are cushioned and designed to reduce high impact injuries that could occur during a performance or during practice.

We understand that as a gymnast you are well aware of the possible impact injuries and hence take special care and practice hard to avoid such injuries; to make sure that damage to their body is quite minimal. But, that said, there will still be instances of falling down, even if you have practiced well. And we want you to be safe when that happens and that is why we have some really good tumbling mats on our website that will assist you through your practice whether at home or at your training center. And if you are a training center or a competition arena.. Then, please use these tumbling mats in the best interest of your gymnasts..! Take a look at some of our tumbling mats. 

All Purpose Tumbling Mats 


All Purpose Tumbling Mats are excellent for tumbling and any other forms of exercise. Made out of 18 oz. heavy duty vinyl, these tumbling mats can withstand the toughest of activities. Constructed out of re-bonded foam, these mats offer high impact absorbing qualities. Each Mat is made up of 2' panels that can fold accordian style for easy storage. All Purpose Tumbling mats are 2" thick and can be easily cleaned with mild soap and water. So tumble away to your heart’s desire! To know more.

Combo Gymnastic Mats

The latest in folding tumbling mats, the Combo Gymnastics Mats have been designed to give superior protection against and prevents stress injuries. These tumbling mats are engineered with dual foam core system making these perfect for all levels of cheer-leading and gymnastic skills. These folding mats can be used as a tumbling strip for off-site exhibitions and competitions as they are portable. Made out of heavy duty 18 oz vinyl and with a thickness of 2-3/8", these landing mats can withstand the toughest competition.