What Everyone Is Saying About Switchboard Matting?

The sixth leading cause of death at work is electrical exposure. Additionally, you would have noticed a 35% rise in fatal electrocution incidents between 2016 and 2017. These startling figures provide another justification for installing switchboard matting at your workplace.

Electrical Switchboard Matting | Why?

Normally, electrical switchboard matting would be positioned in front of high-voltage machinery. such as motor controls, switch gears, etc. To prevent the electricity from flowing from the bottom of the operator's body to the top, you position them in front.

According to OSHA's switchboard matting standards, if you don't have adequate insulation, you essentially face the danger of getting caught in an inspection.

Furthermore, by disregarding the electrical safety regulations, you endanger not only the lives of your task force members but also your ability to continue working in the field.

You would rather be safe than sorry if you had to pay out millions for a damage claim, insurance, and legal costs if you were to be charged with a crime.

Corrugated Switchboard Matting

Corrugated Switchboard Matting is made from non-conductive PVC and nitrile rubber. These mats are designed to protect workers from electric shock in areas with high voltage equipment such as electrical panels and circuit breakers.

Corrugated Switchboard Matting is a non-conductive 1/4" Nitrite rubber/PVC matting that was engineered to protect workers against electrical shock when working around high voltage apparatus within product specifications.  This matting is Type II, Class 2 with a recommended maximum voltage use of 17,000 volts AC.

This product meets optimal ASTM requirements of Ozone, Flame and Oil Resistance.

Ensuring a 100% shock-free environment in your workplace. CORRUGATED SWITCHBOARD MATTING specifications are:

  • MATERIAL Nitrile Rubber and PVC
  • FACE STYLE Ribbed
  • APPLICATION Commercial Areas
  • CUSTOM SIZES Available
  • TOTAL HEIGHT 6mm (1/4")
  • ROLL LENGTH 22.8m (75')
  • LINEAR FEET 2',3',4'
  • TYPE                       Type II, Class 2
  • USE VOLTAGE Recommended Max 17,000 volts AC