What is the Best Way to Choose a Doormat?

What are the fundamentals of purchasing a doormat?


The main reason individuals buy a doormat is to keep dirt and wetness off of their shoes and out of their homes. A additional reason is that a well-made doormat adds a lovely visual touch to your entrance, completing the look of your property.


A good mat is a good investment because it protects the exterior and hence the interior of your home from dirt and cuts down on the amount of time you have to spend cleaning. You should have two mats for each entrance if possible.


To remove the majority of the dirt and particles from your shoes, the outer mat would be a scraper mat like a Coir Doormat. A scraper mat does not have to be boring and unattractive. We have a large range of styles to choose from, including personalised alternatives.




Select the mat that best suits your needs. If your mat is too small for the area it's in, folks won't be able to properly step on it while entering! A larger mat large enough to stand on when removing shoes can serve as a subtle reminder to your guests to clean their feet and remove their shoes before entering your home.


Depending on how wide or small your entryway is, you can turn your mat and keep it landscape or portrait to urge visitors to put both feet on the mat every time they arrive and go.


Because every home plan is different, many individuals choose custom size coir matting to better fit the space.




A thicker pile or more mat isn't always the greatest solution. Shorter pile mats have a stiffer fibre and are better at scraping dirt away.


A handwoven coir mat with an open backing for outdoor use would be considerably better in the weather for allowing moisture to escape than a PVC backed mat, which would struggle to drain moisture. Outside use of a PVC-backed mat or printed graphics will result in a substantially shorter lifespan than if they were utilised indoors.


Recommendations from Us


Outdoor: You want a scraper mat with a short pile that can wipe away the majority of dirt and wetness while also being able to withstand the environment for an outdoor mat. We recommend one of the following:


Plain Coco Doormats

Personalised Door Mats

Scraper Matting

Indoors: For your indoor options, you'll want something that will absorb any remaining moisture while still being aesthetically pleasing. Our recommendations for them are as follows:

Designed Doormats

Themed Doormats

Carpet Mats

All of the mats are suitable for interior use, however having two mats in each entrance as a scraper mat and an indoor absorbent mat will save time and ensure the cleanest floor.