What Kind Of Floor Mat Backing Do I Need?

On a daily basis, clients who are looking for the best entrance mat for their needs and budget ask us questions about our products. When it comes to entry matting, most people only think about the front side, but what about the back? The backing of an entry mat can have just as much of an impact on its performance and service life as the face, and most people don't realise it! The following are the four most often requested questions:

What’s The Difference Between Vinyl Backed And Rubber Backed Mats?


Not all forms of backing are equivalent!


Both vinyl and rubber mat backing are of the highest quality, but they are not in direct competition with one another. Premium carpet-style entrance matting has a vinyl backing. Carpet-style entry matting is flexible and requires a durable but pliable backing since it is woven and tufted in the same way as conventional broadloom carpet.


Premium knob-type entry matting has a rubber backing because it's a sturdier, less flexible style of entrance matting that doesn't require the bendability of vinyl. Rubber is the hardest and most durable knob matting backing available.

What Backing Type Is Good For Carpet?


None! Regardless of the backing material, carpet will cause any mat to shift and move. Although carpet appears to be a flat surface, it is anything but! Thousands of individual yarn tufts stand straight up like little fingertips in a carpet. Each tuft bends forward in the direction you're walking, then bends backwards to return to its original upright posture as you walk across the carpet. It's not the mat's backing, but the carpet itself, that causes an entry mat to shift and move around.


What Sort Of Backing Is Best For Hard Surface Floors?

For tiles and other hard flooring surfaces, vinyl and rubber backings are clear winners. Both vinyl and rubber backings offer excellent slip resistance and help to reduce shifting and sliding. However, hygiene is the most important aspect of keeping your mat in place! Regardless of the backing type, dirt and dust particles between the bottom of your mat and the surface of your floor will act like tiny ball bearings, causing your mat to slide and shift when people walk across it. It is critical that you keep your floor and mat clean!

Is The Backing Going To Keep Water From Getting On The Floor?

The backing distinguishes entrance matting from an area rug or regular carpet. While intact and in good condition, all types of mat backing (vinyl and rubber) will prevent water from penetrating through the mat to the floor below. What you must consider is the amount of water that will be required at your entrance to keep up with the local weather, foot traffic levels, and the rest of your entrance matting system. Send us an email today and we'll be happy to assist you in selecting the best mats for your needs!