What You Should Know About Coco Mats

The most popular doormats worldwide are made of coco, coconut fibre, or coir, which comes as no great surprise. They exude an organic, eco-chic elegance. They are inexpensive and durable, providing you good value for your money. They are also made of natural fibres, making them healthy and environmentally sustainable.

Although coco mats are often strong and tough, with the appropriate care and upkeep, they will last longer and continue to look fantastic at your doorstep. To assist you in taking better care of your mat, we have put together some advice and ideas. These will be useful if you already possess a coco mat or want to get one.

  1. Never use water to wash a coco mat. This can harm coir fibres and encourage the growth of mould and mildew. To get rid of dust, just vacuum, use a brush to dust, or beat the area with a broom. To remove surface muck, grime, and dust gently, use a soft-bristled brush.
  2. For locations that receive sufficient sunlight and perhaps some rain, coco mats are ideal. Consider synthetic or recycled rubber mats if you are in a city that receives a lot of rain or snow. These mats are better equipped to withstand damp weather.
  3. For the first two months, coco mats will initially shed a lot of fibres. Because the mat was handmade, it is most natural, and after the first usage, any loose fibres will fall out. To quickly remove them, use a brush. The remaining strands will stay in place and be firmly weaved once the loose ones have been removed. Although not to the level you initially notice, you may anticipate the normal, slight amount of shedding that comes with wear and use.
  4. We utilise long-lasting, environmentally safe dyes for printing. This indicates that your print won't quickly fade. In the event of a rare exception, however, do get in touch with us and we will assist you.
  5. From coconut fibre, coco mats have been produced responsibly. Because of this, they are eco-friendly, green items that you will like owning. These mats position you on the correct side of the climate discussion at a time when environmental preservation and climate change are such heated subjects.
  6. On our website, we provide a huge selection of ready-printed mats. But did you know that you may also choose to have a mat personalised with a phrase of your choosing? No? Try this one here: canadamats.ca
  7. Coco mats should ideally be stored in shady places. Even though we only use premium, environmentally safe dyes, sunshine has a way of fading colours. But only use this precaution with printed mats. You should not worry about anything if you are utilising ordinary coco mats.
  8. Coir is a superior bootscraper that effectively removes mud, dampness, grime, and other contaminants from shoe bottoms. This aids in keeping the house tidy. Use the wire brush boot scraper mat if you live in a muddy area or if you just want to be particularly clean. It was made specifically to remove the toughest dirt.
  9. We have two different types of coco mats: vinyl-backed coco mats and handcrafted, pure coco mats. Pure coco mats are thick and have an opulent appearance. Vinyl back mats provide non-skid safety, which is perfect if you have a lot of mischievous and active youngsters running around the home.
  10. We can produce mats in sizes bigger or smaller than the norm! We cut non-standard size mats from vinyl-backed coco rolls. If your home has sunken wells, oddly shaped doorways, or you just want a different mat size due to décor reasons, you may customise the size of the mats.
  11. Due to its ability to be cut to particular sizes, custom cut coco mats are a fantastic solution for recessed wells.
  12. For DIY mat crafts, plain coco mats work great! Utilize paints, sharpies, dyes, and inks to create a really one-of-a-kind doormat.
  13. Designer, flowery, and nautical doormats are excellent presents, particularly for housewarming events. You may personalise a mat to give to someone you know well. In fact, go on that link and give it a try, or contact our customer care to discuss your options.
  14. Remember to wipe the floor beneath your doormat before cleaning it.
  15. Coco mats may be customised with a name, a monogram, your geolocation, your home address, or the names of loved ones.

I hope these suggestions were useful and will help you get the perfect mat and properly care for the coco mat you buy!