When Ought Your Rubber Floor Mats To Be Changed?


Practically speaking, sales representatives, clerks, and assembly line workers all have something in common. They expend a lot of energy just trying to stay upright. Although there are some positive consequences for wellness, it doesn't seem like anything to laugh about. Some common problems include varicose veins, back pain, joint pain, and swollen feet or legs. Elastic floor mats are a solution that many workplaces have adopted. These mats provide a cushion between the representative and the floor, reducing those health problems. Of course, you should occasionally replace the mats. The question is when it would be wise for you to replace them. Keep reading, and we'll give you a few hints that your mats are ready for replacement.


If Your Anti-Fatigue Mats Start To Slip, It's Time To Replace Them.

Around 19% of workplace accidents cause workers' absences as a result of slipping, tripping, or falling. Missed days of work cost you money in lost productivity before you enter workman's comp. Employee morale is frequently negatively impacted by workplace accidents. Employees are worried about their own safety as well as that of their injured coworker. Your mats' constant usage and abuse may eventually cause the material to degrade.


Think of it like this: Let's say you bang stuff together at a desk. The workbench eventually starts to show signs of deterioration. If you let it go on for long enough, the top of the workbench will collapse. When individuals stand and walk on mats, it feels like hundreds of slow-motion collisions on a workbench surface. When a mat's substance deteriorates, the mats start to slide. It's time to replace your mats if they are slick.

The Mats Are Unable To Maintain Their Resiliency

When your foot moves and the anti-fatigue mats immediately bounce back into shape, they are in good condition. Any mat will start to lose its springiness over time. The constant, repetitive compression simply causes the mat to wear out. The resilience can actually be put to the test without too much effort. Put a weighty object on the mat for a bit. If the mat stays compacted for any length of time after you remove the weight, you'll need a new one. There is also a bonus. You show that you care about the security and comfort of your employees by replacing the mats. Due to these actions, employee happiness increases. Employee happiness increases productivity.


Surface Wear Is Visible On Mats

Even if you purchase premium anti-fatigue mats, their lifespan is limited. This is particularly true in busy places like doors. Numerous mats have a textured surface. The traction is helped by that texturing. Additionally, it serves as a visual cue. periodically inspect that texture of the surface. It's time for new mats if the surface has become smooth or worn down.


Parting Thoughts

There is no set period of time after which you must replace your rubber floor mats. Watch for warning signs that the mats are getting close to the end of their usable life. The mats slipping on the floor, significant surface wear, and a loss of resilience are just a few of the warning signs. If you notice those symptoms, you ought to replace your mats. For more details about our products, kindly get in touch with us.