Why are Coco Doormats Good for the Environment?

Before we discuss how coconut doormats can be a great addition to your home, let's first talk about why they suit the environment.


They are made from coconut husks

The coco doormat is a natural product made from coconuts, the by-product of the coconut harvesting industry. The mats are made from coconut husks, which are usually wasted materials. These mats are so environmentally friendly that they can even be composted at the end of their life cycle.



The production of these mats is highly sustainable, and they perfectly complement your environmentally conscious establishment or home.


Perfect for entrances and promotes zero waste

These doormats are made of durable coconut fibers, which promote zero waste and work well as a gently abrasive mat. Our doormats are also long-lasting and easy to clean. In addition, these mats can withstand heavy foot traffic, making them perfect for entrances and lobbies.



Coco doormats are a truly green alternative to standard doormats, being fully biodegradable and made from a renewable resource. These environmentally friendly mats solve many of the problems encountered with regular doormats and are excellent at holding any wetness back from your building or home. While these mats may not be the best solution for commercial buildings or other high-volume areas, they are a great way to protect your greenhouse, outdoor patio, or front entrance area in a friendly, eco-friendly way!