Corgi Home


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Corgi Home

Yes, we know... you are obsessed with your Corgi! And that is why... we now have the perfect gift for you and fellow Corgi lovers - the "Home is where the Corgi is" coir doormat!. So grab this awesome doormat and let everyone in on your dog-crazed secret... Who wouldn't fall in love with those furry cuties and this doormat!!

    • "Corgi Home" coir doormats are constructed with high-quality coir fibers embedded into a vinyl backing.

    • The vinyl backing gives the "Corgi Home" doormat anti-slip benefits with reduced mat slippage.

    • As the coir fibers are tightly embedded into the vinyl back, there tends to be less fiber shedding.

    • Doormats are sturdy, weather-proof, and resistant to rot, mildew, and stains - the ideal mat for outdoor use.

    • The rough construction of the coir makes it effective at scraping off dirt and debris from under shoes.

    • The design is stencil printed with biodegradable spray dye. The dye goes deep into the doormat fibers for a fade-resistant doormat.

    • "Corgi Home" Doormat is available in a size 18" x 30".

    • The thickness of the doormat is a low profile 5/8" - perfect for low clearance doorways, preventing tripping or getting the door caught on the mat.

    • Easy to clean - just give it a good shake or run it down with a vacuum.

  • These coir door mats are sustainable, eco-friendly, long-lasting, and very affordable.

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