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We love our stripes! And, we absolutely adore the Cabana Stripes! And, so we have them on our coco doormat! Work this doormat into your doorway (inside or out) to remind you of the best beach vacation you've ever had! After all, nothing like the blue and cream cabana stripes to take you back to the white sandy beach, crashing waves, you sunbathing and building sandcastles! We cannot say anything more.... we're off to the beach!!!!

    • Made from tough coconut fibres, the Cabana Stripes Doormat will scrape off dirt, debris and moisture from under shoes, keeping your home interior clean.

    • Eco-friendly and manufactured in a sustainable manner from coconut husks.

    • The beautiful Cabana Stripes doormat is stain, rot and mildew resistant, for a mat that is hygienic and longer lasting.

    • The all coir doormat is woven with intricate braided edges.

    • The Cabana Stripes is stencil printed with a biodegradable dye, making the doormat fade resistant as it is eco-friendly

    • Long lasting, the Cabana Stripes doormat is easy to clean and maintain - requiring a simple dusting or vacuuming at most times.

  • Comes in an 18" x 30" size and is 1" in thickness.

Recommended for indoor or fully covered outdoor areas.

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