Damask Pattern Vinyl Backed Coco Mat

Damask Pattern Vinyl Backed Coco Mat


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Add some drama to your doorway with Damask! A durable and stylish way to encourage shoe-wiping, the Damask Patterned Doormat will keep your doorway and home clean. Who needs the real damask fabric when you have this doormat...

  • The 'Damask Pattern' doormat is functional, durable and sturdy.

  • Eco-friendly and sustainable produced from coconut fibers.

  • Coir fibres tightly are embedded into vinyl backing for lesser fiber shedding.

  • Skid-resistant and will not curl up due to a non-slip vinyl backing.

  • Damask Pattern doormat is resistant to rot, mildew and stains.

  • Cleans dirt from footwear, prevents dirt from getting indoors protecting floors and carpets.

  • Damask Pattern doormat is stencil printed with biodegradable spray dye for eco-friendly, longer lasting, fade resistant doormats.

  • Available in an 18" x 30" size.

  • Easy to clean with a good shake or run down with a vacuum.