Diagonal Bricks Beveled Coir Mats


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Diagonal Bricks Beveled Coir Mats

Coco doormats present a warm welcome for your guests. Not only do these doormats add elegance and beauty to your doorstep, but are also quite functional when it comes to clearing away dirt and keeping your home clean and dirt free. With its superior functionality, the Diagonal Bricks Beveled Coir Mat is also quite unique in design - designed with three different coir fiber colors that are held together with a PVC Backing.

    • Made by embedding 100% natural coconut husk fibres into a PVC vinyl backing.
    • Manufactured in a sustainable manner, where the coconuts can be consumed after production.
    • Durable and practical.
    • Easy to clean and maintain with a quick shaking or vacuuming.
    • Sizes : 18" x 30"

For more information, please call 866-561-1921 or email us at sales@cocomatsnmore.com.

Recommended for indoor or fully covered outdoor areas.


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