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A Coco doormat to honor the American past and spirit, the Don’t Tread on Me doormat is the perfect embodiment of your spirit and not to mention a great conversation starter at your doorstep.

Celebrate your patriotic love with pride this year and proudly display this mat at your doorstep.

    • Tread Lightly Coco Doormats are made sturdy and eco-friendly with coir fibers inserted into a vinyl backing.
    • Durable and weather resistant, this Fourth of July doormat is perfect for outdoor use.
    • As coir is tightly inserted into its vinyl backing, this doormat sheds less fiber when compared to traditional mats.
    • Coco doormats are slip-resistant and will not curl up because of their sturdy vinyl backing.
    • Strong and tough, these doormats are resistant to rot, mildew, and stains.
    • Rough nature of the coir makes the doormat an ideal dirt scraper for clean shoes and protected floors and carpets.
    • Sharp, clear writing is stencil printed with a biodegradable spray dye making them eco-friendly.
    • Specially formulated color dye goes deep into the coir fibers for a long-lasting and fade-resistant doormat.
    • Available in an 18" x 30" size and 5/8" thickness. This Doormat is low profile and ideal for doorways with low clearance.
    • Easy to clean - just shake it or run it down with a vacuum.

Recommended for indoor or fully covered outdoor areas.

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