Nacho House


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Nacho House

"Nacho House" Coir Doormat... Hmmm.. wonder what this doormat is all about? Is it a Mexican food lover's ultimate décor item... or an ingenious play on words meant to keep some of those unfriendly guests out of the house, "This nacho house (not your house)... nothing for you to see here so keep moving...", you see what we mean? Now you decide how you want to see this doormat. Its a win-win we feel!

    • "Nacho House" coir doormat is made with high quality coir fibres that are embedded into a durable vinyl backing.
    • The vinyl backing offers "Nacho House" doormat anti-slip benefits and makes sure to reduce mat movement.
    • Perfect for outdoor use, this coir doormat is sturdy and weather-proof, resistant to rot, mildew and stains.
    • There is less shedding as the coir fibers are tightly embedded into the vinyl backing.
    • The scratchy structure of coir makes it an effective scraper - removes dirt and debris from under shoes.
    • The design is stencil printed with biodegradable dye. The spray dye goes deep into the mat fibres for a fade resistant doormat.
    • "Nacho House" Doormat is available in a size 18" x 30".
    • Comes in a low profile 5/8" thickness - perfect for low clearance entryways and prevents tripping or getting the door caught on the mat.
    • Easy to clean with a good shake or quick run down with a vacuum.
    • Sustainable, eco-friendly, long lasting, and affordable.

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